We Work Not Just For You, But WITH You!

Our software development and testing services include a comprehensive consult to help identify your requirements, gaps and opportunities, and an extensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, cost analysis, and a development & testing schedule.  

We work with your teams from start to finish to ensure no details are overlooked. Every aspect of the project is carefully examined, planned, scheduled, and delivered on time.

Additionally, we introduce cost-efficiencies in our software development—all while providing a high-quality work product and shortening development time by leveraging the best-suited models and methodologies used in the software development life cycle.

Requirements Analysis & Planning

As a key part of our software development services, we start by understanding the project scope—along with the current issues and requirements—by gathering input from all relevant stakeholders, followed by analysis of any existing systems.

Our analysis includes determining the cost, resources, and time estimates needed for project implementation based on the requirements. 

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Design and Architecture

We also provide a stand-alone software design service, in which we translate your requirements into design specifications. We work with all stakeholders to gather input and incorporate their feedback into the overall design.

This ensures successful development and overall project implementation, resulting in significant cost saving and guaranteed project success.

Once the software architecture is defined, we can then continue with the development phase, or we can provide you with the software design blueprint for you to develop your own code in-house according to your requirements and preference.


We strictly follow the design specifications and carry out the development according to our agreed-upon plan. Our software development team adheres to the established code style, and follows the guidelines and nomenclature for code development— which results in producing organized and consistent code that is easier to understand and test.


We are well experienced in software QA testing, and also provide stand-alone software test services to our customers regardless of whoever develops the software. 

Once the development phase is completed, we launch the test phase where we test for defects and deficiencies, and ensure the code meets the defined requirements.

We ensure all issues and bugs are fixed, and that the product meets the original design specifications.


Before the final product is made available to the end-users, it goes through our further rigorous testing in the staging environment so that any remaining bugs can be identified. This allows software engineers and beta users to fully test the product before deploying it in the production environment.

This model helps ensure a bug-free and stable product once it is released to the market and deployed on a large commercial scale.

Operations & Maintenance

The project does not end once the newly developed software product is deployed. In fact, it is regularly monitored to ensure proper operation and that any software bugs discovered post-launch are fixed.

The operations and maintenance services are provided either as part of our regular software development activity, or as an individual service if desired.

Feature Enhancements

A software product always evolves as conditions in the real world change and as companies adapt to the ever-changing business environment or new government regulations.

We work with our customers to ensure their products always stay up-to-date and that the solutions that we develop for them continue to provide tremendous value for years to come. 

Business Analytics

We have developed in-house tools for providing business analytics as a service; this way, companies can investigate and gain insight into the company's past business performance and drive business planning for their future.

By making extensive use of analytical modeling and numerical analysis, including explanatory and predictive modeling, and fact-based management, we help companies drive their decision making.